CEREC 3D, the Ceramodontics technology

It’s a well known fact that no filling lasts a lifetime. However, few people know that each filling replacement increases the diameter and depth of a cavity. A deep restoration increases the risk of disturbing the tooth’s vitality, possibly resulting in root canal treatment.

Using new technologies, specifically CEREC 3D, Dr Shiva Namjoonik can now offer you a very durable and highly aesthetic solution.

How does CEREC 3D technology work?

First, the cavity is cleaned or the filling removed. The CEREC 3D powder is then applied to the surface of the tooth and a numeric image is taken using an intraoral laser camera. This 3D image is then sent to the CEREC 3D computer, where the CEREC 3D software helps us plan the restoration using the image.

The information is then relayed to the automated “machine shop”, where the filling is cut from a pre-selected bloc of ceramic. Based on the complexity of the filling, the grinding requires between 8 to 18 minutes. The filling is then installed in the tooth using CEREC 3D cement, it’s polished and that’s it. The work is done.

The fascinating thing about CEREC 3D technology is how comfortable you’ll feel afterwards when chewing, and how well the restoration retains its strength and beauty.

You’ll be impressed when you see how much CEREC 3D technology can rejuvenate your smile. Your dental treatments are now more and more comfortable and long-lasting.

Furthermore, CEREC 3D’s biocompatible ceramic is the closest dental material to natural teeth. It is highly aesthetic, translucent, free of metals (mercury), and non-porous.

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