Myofascial Pain Syndrome

What is Myofascial Pain Syndrome (MPS)?
Does this MPS concern you?

In order to know if you have Myofascial Pain Syndrome, you must have one or more of the following symptoms:

  • headache
  • pain behind the eyes
  • pain in the neck, shoulders and/or back
  • numbness of the fingers and/or arms
  • facial pain
  • difficulty swallowing
  • teeth with unexplained mobility
  • limitation of jaw movements or jaw blockage
  • ear pain, ringing in the ears
  • cracking or crackling in the jaw joint
  • pain or tenderness around the joint
Myofascial Pain Syndrome - MSP

Who suffers from Myofascial Pain Syndrome?

Anyone can suffer from MPS.
However, women between the ages of nineteen (19) and forty (40) years of age are more likely to have this syndrome.

What happens if MPS is not treated?

It’s hard to predict: symptoms may get worse or stop.

What causes MPS?

Much like a chronic degenerative disease, several factors can contribute to and be affected by MDS: emotional, structural, and biochemical factors.

Finally, various lifestyle habits can make MPS worse, we can think of improper posture, stress, fatigue, food and drink as well as chewing gum.

The treatment

With her advanced training, Dr. Shiva Namjoonik can offer you a proven solution and treatment if you are suffering from MPS.

This treatment is carried out according to the following steps:

  • elimination of muscle spasms and pain;
  • stabilization of the occlusion (with an orthodontic appliance);
  • correction of long-term occlusion.

There are several ways to permanently correct the occlusion. Here are some examples of treatments:

  • balancing of the occlusion;
  • complete rehabilitation by adding a height to the teeth to allow good structural support;
  • orthodontics with possible orthognathic surgery;
  • etc.

So stop suffering from Myofascial Pain Syndrome!
Consult Dr. Shiva Namjoonik to regain health and comfort.

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